Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Filler One


Patreon Exclusive content only. 9 pages.


What are fillers?
Extra canon stuff related to the comics. I drew these because I wrote
stuff related to the main story but I don't know when or where to put them.

Where are they?
They're patreon exclusive content. $10 pledgers can download them in their full

Will you ever release them for free?
 Nope. These fillers are very, very experimental in nature and i draw them strictly for fun.
There is no chance in hell I'll ever make them available to the public thus explaining
why only $10 pledgers can view them.

Will you make more in the future?
Yeah, lots of them. Theres lots of stuff i've written but i have no idea where to put them in the main
story due to writing restrictions and gaps in story telling.

Thanks for reading!