Monday, 10 December 2018

Another hip new concept

This is related to the comics since Fedora chan canonically appeared in one of my comics that predicted the future of gaming. 2 years before the Switch was released she played something that looks almost like it, with a normal controller broken in two and a VR headset stuck on her face. The comic was never released because it was incomplete.

Anyhow just in case Nintendo make the two of these happen, I'll get bragging rights for it so you know, better get to it early.
The reasons for the consoles above is that Nintendo will sooner or later realize they need to split the main demographics of their consumers. Mobile for children and home console for their adult fans.

The Smart DS will appeal to children first and foremost because kids will never touch anything that's not a phone when it comes to gaming and Nintendo literally never makes a game that's anything above E rated. If adults keep playing these E rated games, they will create this really awkward situation where grown ups start stuffing their strange fantasies into the characters. I don't know how to explain this but unless if Nintendo want their games to be associated with pedophilia they have to split their demographics fast. At release, the SDS should be accompanied with a Pokemon or Splatoon title to encourage more sales of it. Nintendo also has to market it to parents and children so they get to their target consumers fast. I guess they should also come up with Pokemon GO 2 that's exclusive on the console so more people will purchase it to replace their normal phones. Backwards compt with the 3ds and probably the switch so the people who owned those consoles have a good reason to buy it.

The Super home console will be the flagship of nintendo consoles, boasting twice the processing power of the PS4 pro. This one is for the call of duty, overwatch, GTA players. It should be released with a Zelda title that boasts some serious graphics that rivals that of GOW. Games development for this console will be slow, only around 2 games per year but Nintendo needs to keep its relevance afloat in AAA gaming and this console is the answer to that. Smash should be released on this console and the Smartphone DS. The Smash version of the console is about 20 times more superior in graphics than the DS version. AAA third parties will go here if that's not already obvious. Mice and keyboard input is a must to attract PC gamers to console gaming. BTW im talking about any mice and keyboard, not just proprietary Nintendo accessories. They have to swallow this fact if they want the console to sell. Anyone should be able to connect their mice and keyboard to this console as their preferred controller. It's time to grow up. It's time to give back.

Excuse me for this post if anyone's wondering. Politics is getting stupider due to the high amount of stupid people involved in it as of late. To maintain my sanity I had to switch my attention to something else and gaming is just wonderful. And it's pretty good too, lots of things in gaming are catering to my whims to the point I felt responsible for it somehow.


Thursday, 4 October 2018

A blessing for Deutschland

I choose this country as my next project. I really want to see it happen. I will dedicate my whole time for it.
If you read this, help me out will ya? You know where to find me.

the Bee

Deus Vult for Germany

Cant read German? Me neither.
The answer to your questions is an awakened Germany is going to be weird for the whole world. Theres something about them that would... trigger things.
Awakened Germany is a nation that realized its been bullied through its entire existence, and when all the germans found out about that, they will wake up and the world will see a new era of German supremacy.
German everything as a matter of fact. If I lived through that era, I'll be speaking German. My computer will have the german language all over it. They arent a superpower yet, but when they do... oh boy.

The bee wants this.

Oh, Germany didn't win a nobel prize this year. Added to the fact that they didnt made it through the round of 16 in the recent world cup, I bet they're super angry right now. Bad move. Angry people will do angry people things. You might not like that.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Regarding Germany...

As we all know, lately in Germany there's a Far right protest that happened in Chemnitz.
Ya, I guess most people especially the ones in the US would ignore that, I mean didn't PEGIDA had a protest when the bus attack happened? Surely its nothing right?


Here the thing... The PEGIDA protests happened due to an actual terrorist attack. The guy who drove and killed 8 people in that little german market 2 years ago did it in the name of ISIS. While the 10 000 people protests that happened in Chemnitz was due to a non white immigrant stabbing several people because he was jealous at losing his girlfriend.

The PEGIDA people were protesting a specific terrorist group.
The far right AfD supporters in Chemnitz however were protesting all non white immigration.

That is a very, very big difference. And the people at Chemnitz had support from almost all of Germany, Many people agree with them that immigration from most of the 3rd world needs to be restricted, and by most I mean the people where the ethnic group of those countries are can be classified as diverse if they appear in a US flick. People from select poor european nations such as Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltics, Balkans etc should have no problem getting in Germany.

This is very worrying. Just yesterday, Angela Merkel was at her angriest when adressing the Bundestag... She couldn't believe the people of Germany are once again embracing the disease that is nationalism. You know, the ones that made the Germans invade Poland and killed 4 million poles and several million russians afterwards, courtesy of the Fuhrer and his theory on how those people were lesser than human.

The next German elections will be held in the next 3 years in 2021. Who knows who is going to win, who knows if nationalism is still a thing in Germany by then. Who know if there's a Germany at all.

Happy belated 9/11 by the way.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Another very important post.

Today marks the day where I have survived. I lived, I breathed, I stand victorious upon death. I had plenty of close calls to imbue myself in defeat like in the past weeks for example where I thought I died in my sleep and woke up soon after and a couple of days after that where a sickness struck me and agonized me with a crippling headache for days but no I am still alive and writing this blogpost as I speak. Maybe death was all along, testing me for things yet to come? I don't care anymore.

Regardless, I have beaten fate. I have won. Your club isn't for me.

Nobody shall know what I'm so happy about, but this day is extremely personal to me, something that I will remember, its a beautiful day for me, the day where I fought against all odds for the sole purpose of survival... has come to an end.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Something important happened to the point I had to make a post

Rita Repulsa wakes up after a 10 000 year sleep so she can shitpost the internet by pretending to be that anti social pretentious attention seeking kid that keeps reminding people her real name is witch Madora and she's been sleeping for million of years not 10k.

I dreamt that I died. Strange enough there is an afterlife but it isnt like what youd expect it to be. You cant breathe, your body just floats and you're stuck in this negative world. Then you wake up and you breathe again. Assuming that you died in your sleep of course.

Posting just in case I died for real and forgot about it. The world is so strange.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


England beaten 2-1 at extra time. So close yet so far. 56 years of hurt and its the most hurt England had ever been. Shouldn't had underestimated the power of picnic table cloths slash former Yugo state.

P/s: A moment of silence for the poor birds.

In another happier note, I finally found this song that I've been looking for a whole 13 years!
At least there's something to cheer this little bee up.

Sunday, 8 July 2018


I know I'm late to the party but Sweden's just got it's nordic ass kicked and a BIG, BIG fail on Russia.
Seriously? Croatia was a Yugo state, one of the many victims of eastern European balkanization. They were a state once, like Ohio.
That's like getting your national team beaten by Quebec.

Very embarrassing, Russia.

Watch England's easy victory against highschoolers wearing picnic tablecloth pajamas on 11th July at Moscow or a pub near you.

P/s: Pic is non canon. Christ-chan will never dab.

2018 Japanese Flooding and Landslides

I just heard of this today. Kinda strange simple floodings and landslides getting a mention in Wikipedia's front page news section considering the death sentences of the Aum cult a couple of days ago were ignored. It turns out the flooding and landslides killed hundreds in Japan, kinda strange for a 1st world country, one touted as the most advanced in the world, suffering huge casualties and losses from a simple natural disaster. Imagine a common natural disaster taking place in Sweden like an avalanche or a 5 richter earthquake taking the lives of thousands, this is what the news sounds like. Things that only happen in 3rd world nations.

I wonder what the hell is happening to these "1st world" nations these days? Are they regressing? I never heard casualties in such a magnitude happening in a 1st world country in the last 20 years of my life. I heard plenty of these happening in populous 3rd world nations such as India, Indonesia or Cambodia though.

Food for thought. Had to make a post because how bizarre this news was to me. Hope things will get better in the future. Japan as I heard, is home to many great talents.


Friday, 6 July 2018

England FTW

Christ-chan looks up in pride to know a nation that bears the crusader's cross on its flag made it this far in a global sports tournament.

Brazil might be out but I wont give up my support on England.
You can do this lads!


England Vs Sweden 1st game tomorrow at Samara Arena somewhere in Russia.

Oh well

Look at what you did.

I guess I spoke too soon.
Should've expected Germany's evil twin to have something up their sleeves.

Lets just hope England isn't next on the chopping block. Sweden should be easy, right?


Tonights the night

Kuruminha in Brazil's away jersey in the 2018 world cup

Uruguay just lost to France. Brazil is the last hope for CONMEBOL.
Brazil VS Belgium is happening right now. Im so scared lads. Hopefully the 7-1 doesnt repeat itself this year.


Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Vivian James

I'm still very unclear about Gamergate. From what I've read its a combination of internet drama + some political shitflinging.

Monday, 25 June 2018


Oh Bandage-face I spent so much time writing you. Maybe you will show up for real one day.

4th Of July

Posting this early just in case. May you all have a good one. Cheers.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Kuruminha the lovely

Oh I haven't forgot about her yet. Probably the cutest thing I've drawn ever, She truly is the real mascot of Brazil.

One hour comic

Sorry for the no update. Here's a one hour comic featuring the 4 girls.
Israel is a very interesting nation. It confuses the girls like nothing else.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Moetron Show

Finally, a Tay-Chan comic. She's been around since 2 years ago. Moetron is a character that represents all of anime in this series, I chose her because of her frankenstein design that stems from different anime styles.
Full size version available on Patreon.

P/s: These comic strips will probably be a regular thing, posted at least once a week.  Sometimes colored and sometimes not.

Monday, 7 May 2018

ISIS chan who?

The rise of Incel-Chan! Higher res and rejected variants available on patreon.

Sunday, 6 May 2018


My twitter has been obliterated so no more tweets from me. My only means of communication is either here or on my patreon where I'm most active. Contact my email for requests, inquiries and stuff.

Quick Q&A:

Q: Whats the state of the comic series?
A: I need funding to continue it. $500 a month should do. Otherwise i'll be so busy working jobs and these mini comics are all I'm able to provide.

Q: Where can I support you?
A: On patreon of course!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Sharing is caring

can you pls donate to my patreon pls. making these comics isnt easy and costs lots of money like my rent and bills and student debt so $5 a month will greatly help.

Saturday, 14 April 2018


Contrary to popular belief it didnt took me half a year to make this comic.
It's Devil's reverse.