Saturday, 25 March 2017

I got a confession to make.

Lately (more like since mid 2016) we've been swamped by pepe the frog being used and spammed by the alt right to the point they have successfully made it a hate symbol. It caused lots of pain on the opposing side, even Hillary took a stance against it, mentioning how this meme is a bane to all of us and should be the first thing to look out for in identifying a hateful Trump supporter.

Behold pic below:

If you've been on the internet and following all the alt right's trolling attempts, the OC(original content) above might be familiar to you. Of course it is, this OC is the first time in history that Trump is depicted as pepe the frog.
This OC was so popular, getting more than 10 million hits on google reverse image search months after it came out, bastardized to no end, and it shows how smug Trump is and how he is so likened to the frog meme to the point various OC makers starts depicting Trump as pepe the frog. To put it simply, this one OC caused people to depict Trump as pepe the frog, liberals got rustled by the various frog memes, starts likening pepe to the alt right, and wound up making pepe the frog as a hate symbol. This one OC right here, is responsible for the KEK praising, the Kekistani movement and how the frog have literally become the animal that everyone despises.

And who is responsible for this OC? Who made it?
This guy.
The post above, dated 22nd July 2015, post number 48392652, on the site , by a poster who wields a Malaysian flag, (Archived here is the first ever recorded instance that the OC was ever posted on the whole of internet history. This poster, is the artist of the first meme that depicted Trump as pepe the frog, the guy who started it all, the one who flicked the first domino, the Firestarter.

Without him and his artistic talent, pepe the frog could have never become a hate symbol, the kek praising will never happen, Hillary will never officially address pepe the frog and hateful alt right memes on her site and hell, big chance Trump could never had been president.

Some will probably hate him for all the damage he's caused and some will thank him for starting the frog worship.
Call him what you will but the OC maker has reached the ultimate form of viral art, cause a political crisis using a symbol of his choosing. To compare this, imagine if some random artist managed to associate a symbol with a whole political movement. Lets say the artist wants to use windmills to spread a political agenda and everyone that follow that political movement will use windmills to denote their faction. It's really hard for me to find a real life comparison to this other than Adolf Hitler who ruined the swastika forever so lets just stay with commissioner Gordon who use bat symbols in DK3 to mark the people of Gotham's hope in Batman to save them from Bane.

Oh btw, that guy was me.

Here's a screencap of the original PSD I used to make the meme.

Here's a screencap of the original PSD with it's original filename.

Here's another photoshop evidence with my comics in the background.

I still got the original PSD, this took me a lot of time to make, considering i made it with a trackpad.
I'm poor and pathetic and PS7 is the only software that works flawlessly on my 50 dollar 8 years old, low end laptop.

If some of you are pissed at me for causing this, relax. I tried to reverse the effect by making a Hillary pepe!

I made this one after the first debate, hence the red dress.
It got viral ...I think. I always see these and its mutations posted everyday on /pol/ and causing a lot of annoyance from the alt right, but I dunno about the effect.

So that's it. That's my confession. I'm hugely responsible for causing Pepe the frog to be a hate symbol.
I could've made it with an another meme, like Spurdo for example, but I chose Pepe.


P/s: If you were to ask me will I ever stop causing trouble by making OCs with my godforsaken talent I'd answer with, pledge four thousand dollars on my patreon and I'll change the answer to the one you want to hear.

For the time being, no. I love the internet and I love making a name for myself and to think a poor child of a bee farmer from some irrelevant 3rd world country that can't even use english right and has less worth than the prisoners ISIS executes in their videos is causing this much trouble to the world makes you think literally anyone on the whole planet can be responsible for something big.

Another sorry for blabbering about things. Should've mentioned about how proud I am when I see pepe cutouts on the news and big name people talking about the green thing being all confused where it came from. Now you know.

Also leave Matt Furie out of this, he's innocent. I'm the guy you're looking for. I started this whole mess and tried to fix it. It's Maldraw's fault.

Saturday, 11 March 2017


This is starting to look like a cult. I follow He will not divide us closely, track both sites and discord like a hawk, post their movements on twitter and all the "pranksters" so far have brought guns...

Pic above courtesy of TheRealDeal from /hwndu/ board from 8chan. Notice
the firearm below the yellow bucket.

Kinda worrying don't you think? Some say, "relax, it's just like cow tipping!".
Do teenagers who cow tip bring their CCW and AR's with them? Maybe it's time to let go and leave it be.

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