Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Regarding Germany...

As we all know, lately in Germany there's a Far right protest that happened in Chemnitz.
Ya, I guess most people especially the ones in the US would ignore that, I mean didn't PEGIDA had a protest when the bus attack happened? Surely its nothing right?


Here the thing... The PEGIDA protests happened due to an actual terrorist attack. The guy who drove and killed 8 people in that little german market 2 years ago did it in the name of ISIS. While the 10 000 people protests that happened in Chemnitz was due to a non white immigrant stabbing several people because he was jealous at losing his girlfriend.

The PEGIDA people were protesting a specific terrorist group.
The far right AfD supporters in Chemnitz however were protesting all non white immigration.

That is a very, very big difference. And the people at Chemnitz had support from almost all of Germany, Many people agree with them that immigration from most of the 3rd world needs to be restricted, and by most I mean the people where the ethnic group of those countries are can be classified as diverse if they appear in a US flick. People from select poor european nations such as Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltics, Balkans etc should have no problem getting in Germany.

This is very worrying. Just yesterday, Angela Merkel was at her angriest when adressing the Bundestag... She couldn't believe the people of Germany are once again embracing the disease that is nationalism. You know, the ones that made the Germans invade Poland and killed 4 million poles and several million russians afterwards, courtesy of the Fuhrer and his theory on how those people were lesser than human.

The next German elections will be held in the next 3 years in 2021. Who knows who is going to win, who knows if nationalism is still a thing in Germany by then. Who know if there's a Germany at all.

Happy belated 9/11 by the way.