Thursday, 4 October 2018

A blessing for Deutschland

I choose this country as my next project. I really want to see it happen. I will dedicate my whole time for it.
If you read this, help me out will ya? You know where to find me.

the Bee

Deus Vult for Germany

Cant read German? Me neither.
The answer to your questions is an awakened Germany is going to be weird for the whole world. Theres something about them that would... trigger things.
Awakened Germany is a nation that realized its been bullied through its entire existence, and when all the germans found out about that, they will wake up and the world will see a new era of German supremacy.
German everything as a matter of fact. If I lived through that era, I'll be speaking German. My computer will have the german language all over it. They arent a superpower yet, but when they do... oh boy.

The bee wants this.

Oh, Germany didn't win a nobel prize this year. Added to the fact that they didnt made it through the round of 16 in the recent world cup, I bet they're super angry right now. Bad move. Angry people will do angry people things. You might not like that.