Thursday, 10 November 2016

9th Nov 2016, Trump won

Woah, Trump actually won. Sorry for the late comic.

Was I surprised by this? Considering Obama won 8 years ago, not much.
Reminder /b/ was all about showing the Republicans what it means
to fail as a party in 2008 (back then literally nobody liked Bush) and one of their
"missions" was to punish the conservatives of the US by putting
a black man into the white house. A black man, with a black wife, with 
black children. All this to spit in the faces of the Republicans for 
screwing up. A 5 trillion dollar war you know.

Scary. Big chance 4chan or "muh anonymous" or just the bellows of the internet are somewhat in control of the American presidency. So, if the candidate's funny and the dominant board of 4chan agrees with him he's guaranteed to win after 2008 and up?

Better bet my money on Kanye West then.

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