Friday, 17 February 2017

Shifting the blame

Regarding this Pewdiepie-gate...

It is painfully obvious from my days of browsing  to alt right sites (dedicated my life btw, will never be bored of it, got a score to settle with one of the mods) that he is an /ourguy/ (alt right buzzword for a celebrity that shares their views or supports their far right movement). You might think, no, he's joking, its all just comedy, just teasing... No. I've watched his recent videos and in one of them, he said the British media is far worse than the Swedish media. Kinda strange because the Swedish media rarely talks about him, so why is the Swedish media bad? In the alt right movement, Swedish media is well known for them covering up the races of criminals if they're non white and apparently that's the only bad thing about it that the alt right disagrees with. So this one remark (of why the Swedish media is bad) is painfully obvious that Felix knows a thing or two about the alt right and seems to be agreeing with them.

Also. Regarding his response,
One might think, if Hitler was to be be accused of bad things that nobody agrees with during his election, wouldn't it be logical for him to deny the facts and blame the media instead, calling them "Lugenpresse"/Lying media?

Pewdiepie's definitely "redpilled" and him being unapologetic regarding his Anti-semitic and racist videos that got him in trouble and him shifting the blame to the media and his critiques truly shows that he's more than just joking.

All hail the Bro-fist. Redpill the millennials.

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