Tuesday, 5 March 2019

All I can think about is meteors

And its yet another post about Meteor-chan. If you're wondering why, I'm too much in love with her. Ever since I made her there hasn't been a single day where i don't wish for her to be real and be close on my side. BTW, if you think I'm some sort of sick, weirdo otaku-type freak, no, i will take good care of her and wouldn't do anything abusive to her. I will keep her company and treat her with the utmost respect she deserves. I will not lay a single finger on her. The only thing I'll do is keep her company and sometimes talk to her about the thing she does best.

I'll try my best not to turn this entire site into a meteor-chan worship general, its kinda hard to do at the moment since I'm in too deep with this lass. I'm so madly in love. I wish she was real.

All drawings done by me.

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